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What is your health like? Are you tired, worn down, and beat up by stress? Life has a way of doing that. Do you feel good and have energy for daily tasks? Do you have joint pain and immobility?

How about fitness? In an emergency could you climb up a rope, carry another person to safety or sprint from danger? 

Could you defend yourself from or protect your family from a predator? Are you prepared for emergencies such as lack of power, food, or shelter? We live in a different kind of world from what we used to.

Athletic Fitness vs. Being Fit for Life

There is a difference. Athletic training, which I've done my fair share of - beats you down. You have to have recovery and down time. Your joints - especially as you age - need recovery. You have to train differently for health and fitness. There can be similarities, but there are also differences. Your workouts need to leave you feeling refreshed and alert - not drained.

Ever watch a baby stretch their limbs out trying to build their strength and coordination to roll, crawl, walk and move?  This is one of my grandchildren. It has been fascinating watching her do just that. She stretches out her body, rolling this way and that way,  stretching her spine, creating tension in her limbs and developing the neural pathways between her brain and her muscles. 

Six Foot of Space is All You Need

All you need is six foot of space to move your body and the willingness to put some time into it.  I've trained in hotel rooms, parks, in the outdoors, on my back porch, in a truck bay, on the beach and in the privacy of my bedroom. You can workout almost anywhere and anytime the way I train.

This method is called Focused Muscular Tension (FMT).   This is where you generate tension against an immovable object or resist one set of muscles against another. Combine this with simple body-weight movements and you have an effective way to keep the body healthy, mobile, strong and fit without tearing your body down.

What about weight training? What about it? If you can do it without injury and over fatiguing the body, especially as you age - keep it up. You can easily combine some of the FMT principles to your workouts. For instance I enjoy running, hiking and martial arts practice. I use a simple FMT routine to warm up and cool down from this endeavors. It enhances my flexibility, allows the muscles to extend and gives the blood opportunity to remove waste products from the muscles.

So Who Are YOU?

First off - I don't claim to be an expert. I definitely don't claim to have uncovered secrets from mysterious monks in the  mountains of Tibet. I am a journeyman like you who has trained different ways and done different things. I have lifted weights and done rough and tumble martial arts for years which both eventually left me in a lot of joint pain.

I was also a police officer for almost two decades. Sandwiched in between I owned a gym and trained people for three years. Now I teach school where I am certified as a firefighter, EMT and First Responder Instructor. 

When I was in my late forties I was washed up as an athlete, was old, out of shape and 30 pounds overweight. I came in contact with a fitness author named John Peterson who was a life time Charles Atlas student and who steered me towards this type of training that I have been doing for almost a decade now. I look younger and I feel better. I also have more energy and capabilities for doing daily tasks and living.

So what are you selling?

I sell a few courses. Eventually you'll see some E-books here. However, I provide this site and forum as a service to teach others about FMT style training, self-defense and being prepared. We also share how FMT can enhance other types of training and athletic function.

It is all about having a body that is healthy and ready to go at a moment's notice. A healthy body keeps your mind buoyant and adaptable to different situations. It also allows you to be of service to others.

 As to "Lionquest," there is a reason I chose that name.  It represents the Lion of Judah - Jesus Messiah. I make no apologies for being a servant of Jesus Christ.  It is not just mind and body.  It is also spirit that needs to be developed. 

I am not here to proselytize you. But, if you are hungry for a different kind of life - I want to point you towards hope and I want to offer you positive encouragement.




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